Mark ZarrI am fed up with people making the world more complicated than it really is. Egos, me-first mentalities, and unrealistic expectations all get in the way of our success. We make things complicated because we want the attention gained from pretending to be experts. We put superficial standards on everything we do. Why? Because we thrive off of the “high road” mentality.

Where have all these complications we added to our lives and our businesses gotten us? We have a failing economy, failing social structure, thousands of unprepared young people, and lives so hectic that we all die by the age of 65 from stress-induced heart attacks.  If you ask me, I think it’s time we simplify a few things. We don’t need complications; we need common sense. We have justified our “standards of excellence” while forsaking the simple and natural rules provided by our own God-given common sense. We no longer recognize what is true and false. We only recognize what we believe to be true or false. We convince ourselves that life is hard, that business is complicated, and that only the very best and well educated will succeed.

I see things differently. After years of studying and practicing business, I have begun to realize that those with the most success, those with the best lives we all want to emulate all have one thing in common: they have found a way to simplify what they do. Success comes from peeling away the complicated structures, ego-driven, “I’m an expert” mentality, and sophisticated expectations of how things ought to be. Success is about finding the easiest, most efficient means of accomplishing a task or goal. True success is about having the time to enjoy life, the freedom to treat others fairly, and the opportunity to make a difference in everything that you do.

A few years ago, after almost completely losing my business, I decided to go back to school for my MBA. I wanted to see what tricks of the trade I still needed to create the success that I so desired. The problem is that after going through the intensive program, I did not find the solution to my problem. In fact, most of what was being taught was exactly what had almost killed my business. What I found, however, was a system that rewarded theory over application, research over practice, and complication over common sense.

We let the world tell us what standards we should hold ourselves to; we submit to unjustified and untested expectations; we put our hope and dreams in the hands of those who know of no such things, yet claim to be experts. My MBA has done one great thing in my life. It has instilled a desire to replace theory with application, research with practice, and complication with common sense. I am a scholar. I love to learn, but unlike academia, I am also willing to experience, touch, and feel. What I have learned is that in order for us to obtain success, we have to untie the knots created by the twist and turns that experts say are necessary. Common sense tells us that the shortest distance between any point is a straight line. Common sense tells us the effectiveness comes from finding the simplest way of doing something. Common sense has a lot to tell us. In fact, it can teach us everything we need to know about life, business, and success. Are you ready to learn why the finer things in life are the simplest things? Come with me as we journey to discover how simply applying some common sense to our lives can change the world.

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