Core Values:

Business is a calling, people are a gift, everyone needs hope

Our Mission 

Common Sense Development is all about helping you tell the world who you are and what you are about. Every business, large or small, should have the opportunity to distinguish themselves…to set themselves apart, so that they are recognizable as something great…as something different.

That is why we provide high quality branding, print, and web design for the masses. Good design should not break the bank. A small business should not have to settle with clip art. We believe that a unique brand that tells your story can make all the difference in the world,  and we strive to help you tell that story.

We are a resource for any business, a haven for small business, and a launching pad for anyone with a story to tell.

What we believe:

God created and loves us. This is first and foremost at the core of what we do. We believe that God put in all our hearts a desire to succeed, but true success can only come from a heart that is one with God. Ministry is not just for pastors and missionaries, but is a calling for each one of us to lead our lives, our jobs, or our businesses with a heart of compassion, fairness, and honesty. Common Sense is designed and created for everyone, no matter their beliefs, but our passion for what we do comes from our honest desire to serve others, by providing opportunities to learn, grow, share, and excel in life and in business.

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